Wendy Pagaduan, RN

Clean CoconutTitle: Founder
Company: Clean Coconut
Location: Castle Rock, CO United States

Inspired by her grandmother, who never let her multiple sclerosis diagnosis get her down or keep her from doing what she loved, Wendy Pagaduan recently launched Clean Coconut. The health and wellness company’s philosophy is simple: to use natural, premium and organic ingredients in every product they make. Ms. Pagaduan has struggled with sensitive skin, eczema, and keratosis pilaris throughout her life, and physicians could not clear her conditions. She was left with no choice but to look for natural remedies, and with a bit of research, she was able to develop her own product lines that did what no prescription drugs could do for her. Ms. Pagaduan decided that she wanted to share these remedies with others who struggle with the same issues, and thus her business was born. She plans to offer a variety of 100 percent natural skin products, as well as essential oils, diffusers, and aromatherapy merchandise.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ms. Pagaduan has served as the regional sales manager at Fresenius Medical Care for the past four years, and has more than two decades as a dialysis nurse behind her. She is also a member of the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) and The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Looking forward, Ms. Pagaduan hopes to be remembered as a risk-taker and a loving and caring person who gave everything 110 percent of her effort. She is motivated by her passion for helping others, and doesn’t stop going after what she wants until she succeeds. Ms. Pagaduan would advise the younger generation to do the same, and would remind them that the future is unlimited and anything can happen.

Contact Wendy Pagaduan

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