Gemma Strong

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Golden Star Financial Group
Location: Marina De Rey, CA United States

Coming from a family of engineers and accountants, Gemma Strong has always been fascinated by numbers and puzzles. She followed her passion to the financial services industry, where she currently serves as the president and chief executive officer of Golden Star Financial Group. The company is dedicated to educating others on customizable insurance options, particularly life insurance and living benefits. In her role, Ms. Strong utilizes her expertise in business and finance to oversee all operations and meet with clients. She prepared for this endeavor by obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of the East in the Philippines and becoming a certified public accountant.

The biggest challenge Ms. Strong faces is educating the public about insurance and retirement planning, especially because of the revolutionary new products out there. She loves challenges though, and her detail-oriented and methodical nature is key to overcoming them. Ms. Strong does not believe in failure. The highlight of her career was when her children joined her in business; she is proud to be able to be a part of their bright future.

Looking forward, Ms. Strong intends to continue helping those in need. She and other members of Golden Star often help to prepare sandwiches, chips and water to distribute to the homeless at Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, and she is active in cancer survivor groups. Ms. Strong hopes to be remembered as an honest, compassionate woman who gave back to humanity.

Contact Gemma Strong:

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