Sharon Versyp

Sharon VersypTitle: Women’s Basketball Coach
Company: Purdue University
Location: West Lafayette, IN United States

Basketball has been a treasured part of Sharon Versyp’s life for almost as long as she can remember. Named Indiana Miss Basketball in 1984, she led the Indiana All-Star team to two victories over rival Kentucky. Ms. Versyp then joined the Purdue University team, where she was included in the starting lineup her freshman year and became one of only seven four-year starters in Purdue women’s basketball history. She led the team in scoring three straight seasons, and still ranks fourth in single game assists.

At the end of her academic playing career, Ms. Versyp decided to continue to pursue the sport she loves, and became the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Purdue. She has since spent the past 10 years overseeing the athletes, particularly with regard to recruiting, training, media, marketing, sales, hiring staff, policies, procedures, compliance, budgeting, and promotion. As a testament to her success, Ms. Versyp was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame and was named Basketball Coach of the Year by Purdue University. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be watching her students walk across the stage to receive their degrees, however.

Ms. Versyp was inspired in her endeavors by her team member, who contracted bacterial meningitis, lost her hearing, and was told that she could not continue to play basketball. She defied the odds, however, and showed Ms. Versyp that anything can be accomplished.

Along her journey, Ms. Versyp earned a Bachelor of Science in education health and physical education from Purdue University. She has also become affiliated with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the WBCA, the NCAA, and The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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