Lisa D. Thornton

Title: Director, Head of Global Consumer Market Acceleration
Company: Citigroup Inc.
Location: Lincoln University, PA United States

Looking for a fast-paced career with a lot of room for growth, Lisa Thornton decided to join CitiGroup Inc. As the director and head of global consumer market acceleration, she is currently responsible for getting her peers on board with the financial company’s global initiatives and strategic plans. Her strength in communication has proven to be a huge asset in this respect.

The biggest challenge Ms. Thornton faced was taking on roles that were out of her comfort zone. She was a psychology major in college, and thus didn’t have much of a business background. Ms. Thornton has learned to develop her skills, however, and has expanded on them as her career has progressed. She is particularly proud of joining the global consumer market group at Citi and developing the procedures and processes that are still going strong 18 months later. Looking to the future, Ms. Thornton hopes to move into a more product-focused role.

Contact Lisa Thornton

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