Robin Venturelli

Venturelli, Robin 1Title: Director
Company: Luxury Travel
Location: Ladera Ranch, CA United States

In Robin Venturelli’s eyes, collecting experiences is more important than collecting objects. That’s why she has become so passionate about sharing the joys of traveling with others. Ms. Venturelli and her husband, Scott, have been all over the world, including the Bahamas, Bermuda, Japan, and Mexico. She then channels these experiences into her position with Luxury Travel, the number one travel magazine in Australia, and through her blog, The Size It Down and Travel It Up Experiment. Ms. Venturelli hopes to reach people who think they don’t have time to travel and inform them that it is possible.

The most difficult challenge Ms. Venturelli had to overcome was adjusting to her occupation as she pursued career changes. She previously taught in a school, and takes pride in knowing that she helped improve the lives of her students. Although Ms. Venturell has received a number of awards throughout the years, she considers her greatest accomplishment to be teaching others and hearing their feedback. She has also authored a book, “Organize Yourself So You Can Have Fun.”

To prepare for her professional endeavors, Ms. Venturelli earned a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, along with her teaching credentials. She attributes her success to her organization, creativity, and adaptability, as well as her ability to work well with others. Looking to the future, Ms. Venturelli intends to continue to expand her writing and her blog, and eventually branch out to include interviewing individuals in other countries with human interest stories.

When Ms. Venturelli isn’t working, she enjoys photography and oil painting. She is also a docent for Annenberg Community Beach House of California, which involves giving tours and explaining the beach house’s significance, and is a member of Blue Ribbon LA and The International Women’s Leadership Association. If she could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to know that life is a journey, and to not be afraid of the unexpected places or occupations it may lead to.

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