Ellen Grimnes

Grimnes, EllenTitle: Manager of the Workforce Management Team
Company: American International Group, Inc.
Location: Humble, TX United States

Fair and concerned with the feelings of her workers, Ellen Grimnes has spent years serving the people of American International Group, Inc. Also known as AIG, the company is one of the world’s largest insurance organizations, and works to provide property casualty insurance, life and retirement services, and mortgage guaranty. In her role, Ms. Grimnes is responsible for managing the schedules for AIG’s call centers around the country, which includes forecasting the number of calls and operators needed three weeks ahead of actual time. She also works with the quality department regarding the coaching needed for training purposes.

Ms. Grimnes attributes much of her success to her ability to predict and identify issues, and then take whatever action is necessary. She is proud of having built her workforce team from scratch, but wishes for better communication between certain levels of management. Ms. Grimnes was inspired by a previous boss, Mark, who had the attitude and patience to be a good leader. She currently holds an executive master’s degree, and is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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