Nina Hodl

carlson-salesTitle: District Manager
Company: Carlson Sales, Inc.
Location: Spokane Valley, WA United States

When Nina Hodl first started in the utilities industry, it was extremely uncommon for women to be high profile. Using her knowledge of the field and her ability to establish relationships and handle problems, however, she was able to prove herself to her peers and followed a natural progression up to a managerial role. Ms. Hodl has spent more than a decade now working for Carlson Sales, Inc., which primarily serves the electrical industry. She enjoys working for the utilities company, and is proud to have established relationships that go way beyond work.

Ms. Hodl was inspired in her career by the purchasing manager at Carlson, who was the first woman in a management position within the company. She led the way for Ms. Hodl and other women, and is a very strong leader. Another boss who had an impact on her career was both strong and kind; the type of leader she aspires to be.

To prepare for her professional endeavors, Ms. Hodl earned a degree in business administration. She also completes continuing education through Carlson Sales, Inc., because the industry is highly-regulated and ever-changing. The company likes to make sure its staff stays informed and up-to-date at all times.

When Ms. Hodl isn’t working, she enjoys gardening, antiquing, and spending time with her grandchildren.  She enjoys her job with Carlson, so she plans to stay until retirement. At that point, Ms. Hodl will pursue a more active role in some of the community organizations that she already assists. Some of these organizations include the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, Spokane Valley Partners, and 2nd Harvest Food Bank. Ms. Hodl is also a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. She hopes to be remembered for being kind, genuine, and supportive.

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