Joan Hill

Joan HillTitle: Director
Company: Artful Journeys LLC
Location: North Eastham, MA United States

Born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York, Joan Hill, the youngest of four children, was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted and taught to always do her best. The biggest challenge she faced was not having enough time to pursue all of her passions. Years ago, however, it was suggested to Ms. Hill that she might offer an art program, and she jumped at the chance of a lifetime. Artful Journeys LLC brings together all of her life’s interests, and everything about it, including the development and administration, is an exhilarating process for her. The annual arts education program is designed to teach new skills, widen horizons, and allow participants to experience art and culture from an artist’s point of view. In a nutshell, an Artful Journey educates and enlivens all five senses. Its programs have recently expanded to include art and cooking workshops and music and cultural tours throughout Europe and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Ms. Hill also currently runs a bookkeeping business, but, looking forward, she hopes to give it up so she can focus her attention on Artful Journeys. She would like to expand her company and enjoy more trips with her clientele. Ms. Hill’s goal is to help others see the world. She uses her organizational skills and her love of people to accomplish this; over the years, she has built a very loyal group.

Additionally, Ms. Hill enjoys playing the piano when there is time, encouraging her son on the viola, and supporting classical music groups. Some of these groups include the Cape Symphony Orchestra Guild and the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival. Ms. Hill has also developed a penchant for collecting art, and has recently created some pottery of her own under the tutelage of her friend, Gail Turner. Concurrently, another passion has developed: a deep love of Italy, its culture, language, people and culinary aspects.

Ms. Hill was inspired by her parents and her brother, Jonny Wilkin, who became a quadriplegic at the age of 19. His tenacity, persistence and success showed her and everyone who came into contact with him that anything is possible.

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