Mehelle A. Smith

Mehelle SmithTitle: Owner, Master Instructor
Company: Mechelles’s Way Taekwondo
Location: Schenectady, NY United States

Highly respected and accomplished in her field, Mechelle Smith decided to become a taekwondo instructor because it presented the opportunity to teach good values, fitness, and quality of life, which is a cause close to her heart. Her vast experience dates back to high school; since then, she has successfully trained, taught, competed, and won several prestigious awards and medals. Ms. Smith considers her greatest accomplishment to be persevering and pursuing a highly-competitive career in the face of those who tried to discourage her. She ended up taking 14 National Titles and 3 International Titles, representing the U.S. in the U.S. Cup Championships held in Puerto Rico, Korea, and the United States, and winning gold in all three events. Ms. Smith also successfully competed in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Team Trials, placing 1st alternate in a controversial decision in 1988 and making the 1992 team, and took gold at the 1992 Pan Am Taekwondo Championships.

When Ms. Smith’s friend offered her the opportunity to go into business with him in this profession, she took him up on the offer. She enjoyed it, was successful at it, and has been a sole owner of Mechelle’s Way Taekwondo for many years now. Classes are offered for men, women and children ages 5 and up. Ms. Smith also teaches cardio fitness classes, fitness boxing, Zumba and personal training. Furthermore, she offers self defense courses throughout the country, and became a certified defensive tactics instructor with the NY State Police. Although she loves her profession, Ms. Smith would love to see more females training in martial arts as an avenue to self defense, and for them to be more proactive about their safety. Looking to the future, she intends to continue running the business and eventually pass it on to her niece and nephew, who are already qualified trainers. Ms. Smith hopes to be remembered for keeping the integrity of the arts intact, and for actually teaching good values and fitness.

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