Denise Smithkovec

Title: CEO, Founder
Company: 1) Smithkovec, LLC 2) Preston Investigations LLC 3) Chilton LLC
Location: Hudson, Ohio United States

Denise Smithkovec: Philanthropist, Inventor, Mentor and Humanitarian. She became involved in her industry because she comes from a family of professionals. There are many members of her family who practice in the fields of medicine and law, and their careers inspired her to practice law. She has seen a lot of injustice and wants to be a valuable resource for her community. Ms. Smithkovec went on to open her first business, Fredikovich Paralegal Services, in 1986, of Employ Paralegals to utilize their expertise in providing legal services in various areas of law. It lasted until 1994, and since then, she has opened three more companies: Smithkovec, LLC, Preston Investigations LLC, and Chilton LLC. She attributes her success to her entrepreneurial spirit, determination, great management skills, developing and implementing high-level decision of business strategies, presiding over the overall day-to-day operations and resources of the companies. Communicator role as the organization’s management and employees; technological sophistication Web connections with suppliers, managing customers, employees and investors thus, the business co-creates and captures economic value.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of employees. Drive changes within the organization’s mission and systemic goals regarding the uplifting of the companies, which includes all sectors and fields of the business operation and development, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

Ms. Smithkovec’s greatest accomplishment is her volunteer work. She has mentored children and kept them motivated and helped them with their education. She would advise the younger generation to have strong ethics. She convinced many of her colleagues to financially support students with their college expenses, and she expects that every child deserves a good education. Ms. Smithkovec hopes to be remembered as a compassionate and generous person who helped others achieve their goals. She also holds a JD from Case Western Reserve School of Law.

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