Fern L. Smenyak

Fern SmenyakTitle: Director of Human Resources
Company: Town of Brookfield
Location: Brookfield, CT United States

A gifted communicator who is good with people and always looking to help others, Fern L. Smenyak has spent the past two years serving as the director of human resources for the Town of Brookfield. She started her career working as the supervisor of associate support and development for Home Depot. Ms. Smenyak held that position for a decade, and it eventually ceased to be a challenge to her.  When she was approached by the town, she expressed interest in the position because she had raised her three sons there and was happy to help them. Ms. Smenyak felt it would be a challenge, especially since the other employees were unhappy with the previous human resources department, but she was up for it. She attributes her success to treating people fairly.

In her role, Ms. Smenyak is responsible for managing all aspects of human resources, including union and contract negotiations, recruiting, employee relations, training, policy development, and salary and benefit administration. She also ensures compliance with town policies and procedures for all aspects of contract administration and human resources, oversees 200 employees, and runs a wellness program. Ms. Smenyak considers her greatest accomplishment to be coaching children within Brookfield and watching them become successful, however. Looking forward, she intends to continue to give the town 100 percent of her effort.

Along her professional journey, Ms. Smenyak earned a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice, and became a certified paralegal. To stay on top of her field, she maintains affiliation with the Town Retirement Committee, the Health and Safety Committee, the Brookfield Task Force, CARES, and the Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss. Ms. Smenyak is also a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and would advise the younger generations to have dedication and loyalty. When she isn’t working, she enjoys sports, theater, concerts, and traveling.

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