Susan Ann Dimock, Ph.D.

Title: University Professor
Company: York University
Location: Innisfil, ON Canada

The first person in her family to ever go to college, Dr. Susan Ann Dimock fell in love with it from her very first day. She thoroughly enjoyed learning the most amazing subjects with the most intelligent, open-minded people, and she knew there was nothing she would rather do than be an educator and teach. Dr. Dimock followed her passion, and is currently serving as a university professor at York University. This position allows her to use her expertise in research ethics, government policies, meta-ethics and normative theory, applied ethics, political philosophy, and criminal law theory to teach classes and edit publications. Dr. Dimock thrives on researching different philosophies, and is presently working to establish a new program, which will be the platform for research and proven theories to become government policies. As a testament to her success, she earned the President Teacher Award from York University.

To prepare for her career, Dr. Dimock earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from Dalhousie University in 1994, a Master of Arts from York University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick. She attributes her success to her very generous mentors, who shared their time and inspired her to grow and challenge herself. Dr. Dimock works had but loves every minute of it. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband at their cabin on a lake in Ontario. Dr. Dimock has two Bullmastiffs, and is a huge dog lover. She also serves as the editor-in-chief (English) for ‘Dialogue;’ and as an associate editor for ‘Criminal Law and Philosophy.’ Furthermore, Dr. Dimock is the associate editor in charge of special editions for ‘Journal of Value Inquiry.’

Contact Dr. Susan Ann Dimock

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