Janice Entsminger

Title: Vice President
Company: U.S. Bank
Location: Orlando, FL United States

Although Janice Entsminger started her career in corporate trust as a temporary employee, she soon realized she had found her niche and was fortunate to be able to grow from there. She spent a number of years working for SunTrust Bank and Prager, Sealy & Co., LLC, before joining her current employer, U.S. Bank, in August 2010. Ms. Entsminger has worked in their global corporate trust services division since she started, and is responsible for a variety of municipal bond issues, corporate and refunding escrows, and custodial accounts. She enjoys the constantly-changing nature of the field, and believes the fact that she is presented with new challenges on a daily basis keeps the job interesting. Ms. Entsminger takes pride in doing the best she can for all parties involved in her transactions. She considers her greatest strengths to be her attention to detail, her directness, and her focus on taking care of her clients. Ms. Entsminger believes this is why she is one of the busiest in her field in the state, and is respected for both her ability and her candor. Her clients know exactly what kind of services they will be receiving going in, and she does her absolute best to deliver on her promises.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Entsminger earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Southern College and an associate degree in finance from Elizabethtown Community College. She hopes to retire in the next five to 10 years, but, in the meantime, she intends to continue to move forward at the bank. Ms. Entsminger is still learning new things about the field, and remains devoted to her clients. She would like to be remembered as a woman who did her best while respecting and treating others fairly. Ms. Entsminger also hopes people will call to mind her stellar reputation and strong work ethic. She is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and Women in Public Finance, and supports the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America whenever possible. When Ms. Entsminger isn’t working, she enjoys running half-marathons, working with stained glass, and spending time with her 7-month-old puppy.

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