Gayle Spulniak

Gayle SpulniakTitle: Owner
Company: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Gresham, OR United States

Truly passionate about how therapy can help people, Gayle Spulniak has seen the results firsthand. She became a level II Reiki practitioner as a way to help her husband, deal with his multiple sclerosis, and in 2012, she was introduced to Faster EFT. This methodology, also known as faster emotionally focused transformation, was developed to help others unearth the unhelpful patterns formed in minds, actions, and choices. Always looking for self-improvement, Ms. Spulniak quickly became hooked on Faster EFT, and by February 2015, she was a certified level II practitioner. She attributes her success to her mentors.

Ms. Spulniak currently uses what she’s has learned to help others. She has set up two Facebook communities, Take Back Your Life and Spiritual Trauma Healing, and a website where people can go to enlist her assistance and guidance. Ms. Spulniak’s role is to help people transform and reclaim their lives by releasing bad belief systems, emotional traumas, angers, and fears. She also works to relieve pain and inflammation through Reiki healing. Ms. Spulniak prides herself on her listening skills, and is always learning and available. She hopes to be remembered for her sense of humor, and intends to continue growing her practice moving forward.

Prior to her healing work, Ms. Spulniak served as a nun, educator, business owner, and office worker. She considers her teaching days to be her greatest accomplishment, however. Ms. Spulniak prepared for that career by earning a Master of Science in education from the University of Portland, and a Bachelor of Science in education from Marylhurst University. When she isn’t working, she enjoys singing and playing the guitar. Ms. Spulniak is also currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and would advise the younger generations to follow their dreams, work toward their goals, and know that things may change sometimes.

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