Renee Skinner

Renee SkinnerTitle: Superintendent of Service Delivery
Company: Rio Tinto Iron Ore Company
Location: Labrador City, NL Canada

As an educated and experienced purchasing and logistics professional, Renee Skinner strongly believes that safety, expertise, confidence and teamwork are keys to strong business relationships and company success. That belief has served her well, as it has led to her continued success and logevity with Rio Tinto Iron Ore Company (IOC). Ms. Skinner weas picked up by the company as part of a graduate development program, after which she was hired for a three month project. She was fortunate to get that extended for two additional terms, and became a senior buyer for the IOC. After a brief stint with another company, Ms. Skinner was permanantly hired by the IOC, and has been there for the past 15 years now.

In 2016, Ms. Skinner will be serving as the team lead for Project Reset, where she will maintain responsibility of leading a team of IOC and Rio Tinto personnel to achieve a $90 million in company savings. She also serves as the superintendent for service delivery for Rio Tinto Procurement, where she negotiates and administers contracts as project owner, supervises the sourcing team, and monitors sourcing performance. Furthermore, Ms. Skinner was appointed to be the procurement representative for the Iron Ore Company of Canada A3 Safety Standard Committee, Security Committee, and Aboriginal Affairs. This role includes reviewing current contractor safety requirements for on-site work, providing input on improvement and current contractor safety practices, participating in company security policy implementation, and working with aboriginal partners on business development.

Ms. Skinner is extremely proud of the fact that she’s been able to fully familiarize herself with all the necessary processes involved in this industry. If she could change one thing about it, however, she would have procurement be a bigger presence within the organization. Ms. Skinner believes it should be more integrated with other departments in order to create a more cohesive platform for purchasing goods related to all of their needs. Looking forward, she intends to move up into a logistics leadership role. .

To prepare for her career, Ms. Skinner earned a Bachelor of Commerce in logistics from Dalhousie University. She also became a supply chain management professional through the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, and a certified professional in supply management through the Institute for Supply Management. When Ms. Skinner isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her daugher, cooking, and entertaining.

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