Elsa E. O’Connor Koczan

E. O'Connor KoczanTitle: Educational Consultant, Mentor
Company: Elsa O’Connor Koczan
Location: Pennington, NJ United States

An independent motivational speaker, Elsa O’Connor Koczan uses her years of professional experience to encourage excellence in others. In her role as an educational consultant and mentor, she works with new teachers, performs, and has created a teacher’s book of activities with tapes for children to serve as a valuable tool for those in the field. As a testament to her success in the academic world, Ms. O’Connor Koczan was honored with the Science Teacher of the Year Award by the state of Montana.

Additionally, Ms. O’Connor Koczan is skilled in music, particularly in songwriting. She is extremely proud of having performed with Harry Belafonte, the great American singer, songwriter, actor and activist. To prepare for her career, Ms. O’Connor Koczan earned a Master of Science in education and music from Montana State University in 1968. When she isn’t working, she enjoys playing and teaching guitar, gardening, providing outdoor education, and fundraising. Ms. O’Connor Koczan is also a member of Phi Delta Kappa International, a professional organization for educators, and NSSTA.

Contact Elsa E. O’Connor Koczan

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