Wendy K. Bussie

Title: Accounting and Office Manager, Production Assistant
Company: The Adams Group, LLC
Location: Eastover, SC United States

Inspired by her father, from whom she inherited her love for math, Wendy Bussie entered the accounting world right after graduating high school. She started out working for a credit union, and was then offered the opportunity to work as a bookkeeper. Her career has progressed steadily from there; over the years, she has garnered expertise in collections, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Ms. Bussie is currently utilizing those talents in her role as the accounting and office manager and production assistant for The Adams Group, LLC. The marketing and advertising company primarily works with hospitals and health care organizations.

If there was one thing Ms. Bussie could change about her journey, however, she would earn a college degree. Although she loves the challenges associated with accounting, she feels they would be more manageable if she had learned to deal with them in an academic setting rather than via hands-on experience. As a result, Ms. Bussie is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She would also love to earn a master’s degree and a CPA license someday. Ms. Bussie feels that she has survived thus far in her profession without academic training because of her organization, determination, honesty, and effort. To date, the highlight of her career was rewriting the whole collections receivables program for the company she was with prior to The Adams Group, LLC. They were $1.5 million back in receivables, and within six months, everything was current. She was able to maintain that for the five years she was there. In recognition for her efforts, Ms. Bussie is included as an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and Who’s Who Among Business People.

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