Deanna Alaniz

Alaniz, DeannaTitle: Consultant
Company: Deanna Alaniz
Location: Crosby, TX United States

A business executive with years of experience, Deanna Alaniz has recently been given the opportunity to reinvent herself and explore new horizons. She is currently utilizing her strong ability to build things from scratch and sustain them to start her own consultancy in the oil and energy industry. Her expertise helps her to gain credibility among her peers and maintain relationships.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Alaniz feels that her mentor has contributed to her success and has guided her along her journey. She is also very driven and humble, which are traits that have served her well over the years. In recognition for her achievements, Ms. Alaniz was listed among the Training Top 125 in 2014, and won the Excellence in Learning Gold Award for the Best Learning Team.

Prior to starting her consultancy, Ms. Alaniz worked for companies like BP and Waste Management, Inc. She hopes to be remembered as a caring person and a great coach and mentor. Ms. Alaniz is currently an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and would advise the younger generations to be willing to work harder than male counterparts and learn who the right people are to build relationships with. Ms. Alaniz also believes that it is important to learn how to balance family with work.

Contact Deanna Alaniz: 

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