Corinne Stanton

Stanton, CorinneTitle: Outpatient Therapist
Company: Self-Employed
Location: Okemos, MI United States

After developing an interest in social work due to personal experiences, Corinne Stanton has striven to provide her clients with the knowledge and wisdom she has accumulated over the years. She specializes in anxiety disorders and depression, and offers therapy and related services through her own private practice.

The biggest life-changing event in Ms. Stanton’s life was being diagnoses with multiple sclerosis in 1991. She learned personally what it means to survive and live each day to the fullest, which in turned helped her to become a better practitioner. Her goal is to help others lead more productive and happier lives. Additionally, as a divorcee, Ms. Stanton has had to raise her four daughters on her own, which was both a challenge and a source of life experience and growth. To further prepare for her career, she earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan in 1986, a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Purdue University in 1984, and became a licensed social worker in the state of Michigan. Ms. Stanton is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

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