Cindi Ray

Ray, CindiTitle: Owner
Company: Carlyn Galerie
Location: Dallas, TX United States

Motivated by her creative mind and spirit, Cindi Ray decided she wanted to bring the beauty of art to the people of Dallas. She opened Carlyn Galerie in 1989, and it continues to flourish, showcasing American art, jewelry, glass, and other handmade items. It brings in wearables, jewelry, and glass pieces from artists around the country. Some of the glass is hand-blown by her own daughter, who shares her love for art.

The biggest challenge Ms. Ray faces is choosing objects that have a wide appeal to the customers. She can make quick and confident decisions, however, which has proven to serve her well over the years. Ms. Ray was inspired to pursue her career by her ceramics professor at Scripts College, who gave her an honors degree in art.

Although Ms. Ray very much enjoys what she is doing now, she would like to devote more time to charitable work. She is already a member of Planned Parenthood and The International Women’s Leadership Association, and supports the missions of Operation Kindness, The Family Place, and CERF+. Ms. Ray hopes to be remembered for loving her husband and four daughters, who have grown up to be successful in their own right, and for her contributions to arts and the community.

Contact Cindi Ray: 

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