Lynn Habermehl

Habermehl, LynnTitle: Information Technology and
Quality Assurance Problem Manager
Company: HSBC Bank USA
Location: North Tonawanda, NY United States

Happy right where she is, Lynn Habermehl has been working for HSBC Bank USA for the past 33 years, albeit in a variety of positions. She started with the financial services company because it provided her with an opportunity to enjoy her career while raising her family. Along the way, Ms. Habermehl has had managers who saw her strengths and let her shine and grow. She is currently serving as an information technology and quality assurance problem manager, and is responsible for bringing people together to reach a common goal as a team.

If there was one thing Ms. Habermehl could change about her profession, however, it would be to have the decisions made at the level where people are doing the work. The greatest challenge she faced was gaining respect in an industry where most of the employees are women but the management is not. Ms. Habermehl had to have a lot of patience to succeed. As a woman in today’s world, she would advise the younger generations to be persistent and make sure that their ideas are heard.

When Ms. Habermehl isn’t working, she enjoys reading, walking, boating, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren. She is also a member of the HSBC Water Programme, which is in collaboration with Earthwatch. Ms. Habermehl volunteers with the organization by collecting water samples from the Great Lakes for testing and research, and participates in beach cleanups. Additionally, she supports the charitable missions of Friends of the Great Lakes and the women and children’s division of The City Mission, and is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. Looking forward, Ms. Habermehl hopes to be remembered as someone who was respectful and compassionate.

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