Anne S. Graham

a223ea1c43e846f9b104ab2cb1aacaacTitle: President
Company: Syncworks Consulting
Location: Arnprior, ON Canada

A results-oriented leader with 33 years of experience in developing people solutions to implement business strategies and priorities, Anne S. Graham has worked in every major area of human resources and organizational development. That’s why her position with Syncworks Consulting is ideal; it allows her to use the knowledge she’s accumulated over the course of her career to help executives, executive teams, and HR professionals. As an active leader in the business arena, Ms. Graham has seen the power of good leadership and the consequences of bad leadership firsthand, so she is completely dedicated to her job. She is separated from her peers by the fact that she strives for genuine and impactful solutions to the people challenges in organizations. Her vision is a workplace where people say, “Thank goodness it’s Monday.”

Ms. Graham has been widely recognized for her achievements, including receiving the Human Resources Vision Award for aligning HR to achievement of strategic objectives. She attributes her success to continuous learning, hard work and good luck, as well as a strong commitment to people-centered values and principles.

To prepare for her extensive career, Ms. Graham earned an MBA in Information Technology from Athabasca University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from York University. She is also certified as a CHRE (Certified Human Resources Executive), HCS (Human Capital Strategist) and Social & Emotional Intelligence coach. Ms. Graham is currently a member of HRPAO (Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario), and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Royal Ottawa Hospital Care Group.

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