Janine Maurice

Maurice, JanineTitle: Director
Company: Barclays Bank PLC
Location: Paris, France

A motivated, determined individual, Janine Maurice has spent the last 26 years building her expertise in capital markets and banking services. After gaining experience in a variety of roles and setting up a company as a trader, she moved on to join her current employer, Barclays Bank PLC. Ms. Maurice’s role with the investment banking company includes overseeing all of the French speaking zones, selling brokerage and prime brokerage services, and building a portfolio of institutional clients. She attributes her success to being culturally diversified, speaking three languages, working hard, and doing everything with values and legitimacy.

Ms. Maurice prepared for her career by completing coursework in economics and law from Université Panthéon Assas in 1989. Looking forward, she intends to build upon her large network in France, and is considering becoming a senior banker. In addition to her banking work, however, Ms. Maurice also founded a charity called Operation Saint Nicholas. The goal was to buy different tools and machines to give pain management to children in treatment for cancers and other diseases. If Ms. Maurice could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to take every opportunity and use it as a learning experience.

Contact Janine Maurice:

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