Roselia I. Labbe, MD, FACS

Labbe, RoseliaTitle: General Surgeon,
Deputy Chief of the Physicians Education Team
Company: U.S. Air Force
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

Drawing on nearly three decades of medical experience, Roselia Labbe has dedicated career to the U.S. Air Force. She joined the defense agency to receive an education, and ended up finding much more than that. Ms. Labbe has served them for 16 years as a general surgeon, and recently acquired the position of deputy chief of the Physicians Education Team. In that role, she coordinates all physician education and training from the time civilians enter medical school through their residency and fellowship programs. This is to ensure that, at the end of their training, they will be able to take care of the troops. Dr. Labbe also works in the clinic, evaluates patients, and performs surgeries. She takes care of active duty members, their dependents, VA patients, and retired military.

As a testament to her excellence in the field, Dr. Labbe was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be completing her residency at Wright State University and going into practice, however. Dr. Labbe attributes her success to doors opening at the right time and making sure she stays aware of opportunities. She also isn’t afraid to take risks or work hard to reach her goals, and she is willing to put others before herself.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Labbe served as an associate faculty member for the Family Practice Residency in Eglin, and an associate faculty member at the Kessler Air Force Base, where she taught surgery residents. She prepared for her career by earning a MD, a bachelor’s degree in biology from Midwestern State University, and an associate degree in electronics from The Air University. Dr. Labbe is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons. Looking forward, she intends to retire and move to El Salvador, where she plans to assist in providing better medical care for breast cancer.

Contact Dr. Roselia Labbe:

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