Susan Elmore


Company: Saelmore Consulting, LLC

Location: Richmond, VA United States

An expert in brain injuries, geriatrics, and intellectual and developmental disabilities, Susan Elmore parlays more than four decades of experience into Saelmore Consulting, LLC. Her mission is to teach others how to perform health care operations properly while supporting people with disabilities. After suffering from a head injury herself and serving as a caretaker for her mom for 35 years, Ms. Elmore has the personal experience necessary to understand what her clients are going through and need. In her role with the consultancy, she oversees policy and procedure review, and helps disabled people and their families navigate through complex situations.

Like many women, Ms. Elmore says that her biggest obstacles have been the glass ceiling, having her voice heard, and getting others to understand how to work with the knowledge she can provide to them. Her faith, foundation and compassion, as well as the depth of her knowledge, have enabled her to succeed in this challenging environment, however. Prior to forming her consultancy, Ms. Elmore worked for the commonwealth of Virginia in the role of facility and community resource manager at the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services. She is inspired by the people the system doesn’t help; they are the reason she keeps going.

To keep up with her career, Ms. Elmore is pursuing a Ph.D. in health care management. She currently holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. Ms. Elmore is a member of the VA Mental Health Partnership, the Civitan Club, the Development Disability Nurses Association, the National Center for Independent Living, the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, the Brain Injury Association of America, the American Association on Health and Disability, and The International Women’s Leadership Association. She would like to be known as a genuinely caring and kind person who provided ethical service for those in need, as well as someone who talked the talk and walked the walk.

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