Rima Aristocrat

Aristocrat, RimaTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Willis College

Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

When Rima Aristocrat was presented with the opportunity to grow Willis College, she jumped at the chance. Nearly three decades later, she continues to serve the historic school, and focuses on helping graduates transition into careers in business, health care, technology, and clean energy. Ms. Aristocrat also helped develop the college’s office and programs, all while keeping the students’ best interests in mind. Her vision for the future is to partner with more Fortune 500 companies and expand the talent pipeline available so that Willis College grows to become the largest Canadian career college. She is thrilled to announce scholarships for women in technology and military spouses, each valued at $150,000. Applications can be found on the ‘scholarships‘ tab on the college’s website.

Ms. Aristocrat is inspired in her profession by her children, grandchildren, and her students. She believes it is critical to take care of the Earth, protect the environment, and make the world a better place, and to do that, education is key. Despite the challenges of dealing with people from all walks of life, Ms. Aristocrat’s greatest strength is making a difference. To that end, she founded TeKnoWave Inc., Canada’s first national aboriginal IT training program, and serves as the honorary chair of the Immigrant Women Services. Furthermore, she is involved with the International Student Exchange, The Smiths Falls Local Immigration Partnership Council, the National Association of Career Colleges, Ontario Career Colleges, Willis Talent, the Business and Professional Women’s Group, and The International Women’s Leadership Association.

In recognition of her work and accomplishments, Ms. Aristocrat was featured on the covers of the 2016 issues of Status Magazine and Ottawa Life Magazine. She currently holds a Master of Education, a Bachelor of Science, and a Bachelor of Musical Arts. Ms. Aristocrat is a concert pianist, and enjoys ballroom dancing in her spare time.

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