Sonja Hadorn

Title: Director
Company: KBT Treuhand AG Aargau
Location: Aarau, Switzerland

After nearly two decades of experience working with international companies in a financial leadership role, Sonja Hadorn decided to open her own company five years ago. KBT Treuhand AG Aargau is a trust company that offers financial advice and planning, accounting, bookkeeping, tax advice, cash flow, cash management, retirement plans, and legal, administrative and managerial consultations.

Ms. Hadorn attributes her success to her knowledge of the industry. With years of hands-on work and a master’s degree in finance and language, she has become an expert in developing young companies, financial reporting and controls, cash flow and cash management. In Ms. Hadorn’s current role as the director, she is responsible for working with international clients, developing new business opportunities, creating financial strategies and plans, and leading teams. She is a member of the Aarau Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Financial Organization, the Club of Switzerland, the Swiss German Club, and the Aarau Small Business Organization. Looking forward, Ms. Hadorn intends to reach a more international market.

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