L. Elvia Jaime

Jaime, L. ElviaTitle: Owner
Company: D’image Beauty College
Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

For L. Elvia Jamie, ‘no’ isn’t an option, and failures are just opportunities to learn and grow. Driven by determination, Ms. Jamie completed 1600 hours of beauty school training to earn a certification, and then went back to Arizona to take a test and become licensed. She repeated the process for a barber license. After completing her education, Ms. Jamie opened up a little salon, but found that some of the hairstylists she hired didn’t seem well trained. This inspired her to go back to school to become an instructor.

In 2007, Ms. Jamie opened D’image Beauty College, and started with five students. She now owns three beauty schools and two barber schools, in addition to a medical spa specializing in laser operations. One of Ms. Jamie’s schools has grown to include 40 students, and another has 18. D’image Beauty College is the only bilingual beauty school in the region.

Looking forward, Ms. Jamie hopes to become a salon franchise, and have between 70 to 100 students throughout her schools. Ms. Jamie is working toward accomplishing her goal by offering a school referral system. For every person a student refers, they get $500 toward their tuition.

In recognition for her success, Ms. Jamie earned a Mexico City Business Salute from TV Media Telemundo. She has also received a global business award. Ms. Jamie is inspired by her daughter, who gives her the strength to keep going, as well as the conversations she has with her students.

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