Lana Garrard

Title: Owner, Author
Company: LanaMahana
Location: Provo, UT United States

With self-confidence and an ability to make her expectations a reality, Lana Garrard ventured out to teach others about success and empowerment. She formed LanaMahana, a company that uses what she calls “edu-tainment” to educate young adults on life choices, high performance, and tools for success, including communicating effectively. Ms. Garrard also created courses with a special emphasis on being a both a powerful and a feminine presence. She prepared for her career by combining the knowledge she’s learned from spending time with other life coaches with her own personal experiences. Ms. Garrard has a hard time identifying why, but she is happiest in front of an audience with a microphone in her hand. Thusly, her goal is to have more opportunities to present to larger groups of people.

In addition to LanaMahana, Ms. Garrard is writing a book, which she plans to have done by Memorial Day. When that’s finished, she has two more book ideas she would like to get done. Ms. Garrard supports the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. In her spare time, she enjoys creating nutritious meals, biking, swimming, racket ball, crocheting, fashion, and shoes. Ms. Garrard hopes to be remembered as intelligent powerful, funny and graceful.

Contact Lana Garrard

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