Misty Gardner

Gardner, MistyTitle: Specialist in Digital Care and National Customer Operations
Company: Comcast
Location: Philadelphia, PA United States

Originally a nurse, Misty Gardner was waiting to start clinicals when she decided to get an associate degree in behavioral science. She learned more about business and how to talk to people, and realized it was something she was good at. Ms. Gardner wanted a job with stability so she could take care of her children, and she found that the field offered a lot of possibilities and could be lucrative. She proceeded to earn a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and criminal justice and an MBA in organizational leadership.

After a variety of networking opportunities and growth, Ms. Gardner became a specialist in digital care and national customer operations at Comcast. The telecommunications company provides internet, television and telephone services, as well as home security. In her role, Ms. Gardner is focused on Comcast’s most important goal: customer service. Working out of their corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, she uses social media to connect with customers, and she makes it her mission to treat each one with respect and value. Ms. Gardner has a strong ability to relate to people, and she likes to help out and make a difference. She gets a sense of gratification every time someone thanks her for her services. When Ms. Gardner isn’t working, she volunteers to prepare meals for people with terminal illnesses at Manna, and to help children with autism and animals in shelters through Comcast Cares. She is also a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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