Susan Stone Barber

Barber, SusanTitle: Author
Location: Spanish Fork, UT United States

When Susan Stone Barber’s husband died, she did not want to run the insurance agency they had owned together anymore. As a natural communicator, she has always found writing therapeutic, so she passed her business down to her children and started writing her first book, “Widows 101.” In it, Ms. Barber uses the personal experience of her husband’s death to provide practical tips for surviving widowhood. The book touches on topics such as dealing with grief, making personal and social adjustments, funeral arrangements, and redefining desires for the future.

Although Ms. Barber was born and raised as a city girl in Denver, she loves small town life, and wrote “I Love Spanish Fork,” based on the small Utah town she now calls home. The mayor asked her to write this book, which is based on the history and events that make Spanish Fork so special, and the town paid for it. In recognition for her success, she was honored with the 2015 Community Action Award by the Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Barber’s involvement with the industry dates way back; she has always been an avid reader, and she served as the editor of her high school yearbook. She is very proud of having her book registered in the Library of Congress, as that was one of her lifelong goals. Looking to the future, Ms. Barber would like to become the mayor of Spanish Fork. She hopes to be remembered as an intelligent, loving and fun person.

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