Robin Hamrick

Title: President
Company: TGWorld Inc
Location: Arlee, MT United States

Building on her strengths in counseling and training, Robin Hamrick founded TGWorld Inc, to help the transgender community. She has many friends who are transgender, and as a psychologist, she wanted to create a place they could go to for support. The biggest challenge Ms. Hamrick faced was getting the nonprofit organization running financially, but she is proud to have learned how to fundraise effectively.

Looking to the future, Ms. Hamrick would like to learn better marketing practices. She also plans to have 10 offices open by the time she retires 10 years from now. Ms. Hamrick is currently serving as the grand marshal for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. She hopes to be remembered for the people she has helped, and for speaking out for the transgender community across the U.S. When Ms. Hamrick isn’t working, she enjoys crocheting, fishing, camping, boating, and computers.

Contact Robin Hamrick

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