Jamey A. McMinn

McMinn, JameyTitle: Supervisor
Company: UPS
Location: Cedar Bluff, AL United States

A natural progression of opportunities led Jamey McMinn to her position as a supervisor at UPS. She chose her career path with the world’s largest package delivery company because she enjoys the fact that they present a chance for growth. Ms. McMinn also loves helping people, setting and achieving goals, and problem solving, and she has found that her seven years as a supervisor have allowed her to do just that.

In preparation for her career, Ms. McMinn earned a bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision from the University of Phoenix, and an associate degree in business administration and management from Northeast Alabama Community College. She has also taken numerous training and internal courses within UPS. Ms. McMinn is very proud of the fact that she completed her degrees while raising her child. The biggest challenge she faces is being a woman in a man’s world, but she believes the support of her family has helped her to succeed. Ms. McMinn’s ability to spearhead events and get people to participate and be engaged has contributed as well.

Looking to the future, Ms. McMinn intends to grow within UPS in a sales capacity. When she isn’t working, she participates with United Way, and volunteers at a thrift store connected to her church. Ms. McMinn also enjoys going to the beach

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