Monica P. Vance

Title: 1) Owner 2) Co-Owner
Company: 1) Monica Vance Professional Hypnosis 2) Enchanted Moments
Location: Cincinnati, OH United States

After 23 years in corporate America, Monica Vance decided to follow her heart and take more of a spiritual journey. She always knew she wanted to do more for others, and so she founded Monica Vance Professional Hypnosis. Ms. Vance was already a licensed spiritual healer with a degree in pastoral counseling, but when her husband passed away, she discovered the difficulty of relying too heavily on self-sufficiency when coping with loss. She added hypnotherapy to her skill set when she discovered how effective it is, and now uses it to help others deal with their grief and grieving process.

Ms. Vance is also the co-owner of Enchanted Moments, a metaphysical gift shop located in the heart of historic downtown Milford, Ohio. She opened it with her friend, Robin Stapp, and together they offer an array of gifts and services, from collectibles to classes, workshops, and healers. The two are dedicated to helping others have a positive, feel-good experience.

Prior to her current positions, Ms. Vance worked for Proctor & Gamble, and was the first woman in leadership at the company. Navigating that and fitting in with the men was a challenge, but Ms. Vance is great at management. She has the ability to create strong relationships and help others overcome their challenges, which was definitely a help along the way. Looking to the future, Ms. Vance hopes to learn to be less hands-on with everything, so she can have more personal time. She would also like to create more online visibility, and coach though webinars and seminars. Ms. Vance would like to be remembered as a spiritual person who contributed to the well-being of others.

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