Mekeva Miller

‎Miller, MekevaTitle: Owner
Company: World Wide Hustle, LLC
Location: Compton, CA United States

A serial entrepreneur, Mekeva Miller has turned her wide array of interests into a number of flourishing businesses. Her specialties span from real estate to fashion to bath and body; from Mary Kay cosmetics to homemade scented candles. Ms. Miller chose this career field because of her extensive background in the retail field and her desire to provide more for her family. World Wide Hustle, LLC, is the parent company of all of her businesses and philanthropic efforts.

Ms. Miller has faced a number of challenges throughout her life. A mother at just 18 years old, she struggled to balance providing for her family with raising her kids and surviving an abusive relationship. Ms. Miller worked full time as an instructional assistant to the severely disabled while mastering several skills, like cosmetology, and continuing her educational endeavors. She currently holds an Associate of Arts degree in early childhood education, a certification in marine biology, and a certification in computer science. Ms. Miller’s experiences inspired her to use the resources from the businesses she built to support the community and help other female business owners grow and thrive, and thus Int’l Boss Lady was born. She considers her greatest areas of strength to be leadership and teaching the younger generation of women how to become successful entrepreneurs.

At this point in her career, there is nothing that Ms. Miller would change about her past. She is proud of not letting prior circumstances dictate her future, and believes that her struggles just made her more driven to succeed. In addition to her work with Int’l Boss Lady, Ms. Miller is also a sponsor for Bad Rap, which educates the community on pit bulls, and the Miss Compton Pageant, which awards scholarships to young girls up to age 18. She is inspired by her children, who are all doing very well for themselves. Ms. Miller hopes to be remembered for making a difference in someone’s life and for making her community better.

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