Melinna Giannini

Giannini, MelinnaTitle: CEO
Company: ABC Coding Solutions
Location: Carlsbad, NM United States

Driven by her desire to enable greater access to quality care for less of a cost, Melinna Giannini founded ABC Coding Solutions, formerly Alternative Link, in 1996. The company was designed to fill critical information gaps in the national health information infrastructure, especially for non-physicians and alternative medicine health care providers. The codes and related products offered facilitate measuring, validating, managing and reimbursing for care delivered by more than 80 percent of health care givers in the U.S.  ABC Coding Solutions also provides consulting services, including plan design and payment systems that enable greater public access to quality health care.

Ms. Giannini originally became involved in the field because she had a health problem that was resolved with alternative medicine. The professional who helped her couldn’t get a dollar from the insurance companies, however. Going to traditional medical practitioners cost Ms. Giannini $15,000 to find a cure, while the alternative medical practitioner did it in one visit for $500. She was already in the health care field in design and sales, and saw how weak the infrastructure was, so she decided to do something about it. With her company, Ms. Giannini has added more than 4,500 codes to close gaps so far. She is also very proud of showing a cost benefit of 50 percent in Alaska from 2004 to 2007.

In the future, Ms. Giannini would like to see insurance companies accessing every qualified provider and unlocking treating patients without oversights. She is currently looking to complete data testing, and eventually plans to sell to a larger corporation. In Ms. Giannini’s spare time, she enjoys riding horses and creating art.

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