Nancy Phillips, BSN, RN

Title: Lead Nurse, Communicable Disease Team
Company: Wake County Human Services
Location: West End, NC United States

Nancy Phillips has always wanted to work with communications and public health. She followed her dreams by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and eventually hopes to further her career by going back to school for a master’s degree. At the moment, however, Ms. Phillips is serving as the lead nurse of the communicable disease team for the Wake County Human Services Board. The group is charged with representing the broad interests of the community and providing policy guidance and advocacy for the prevention of diseases and the promotion of public health.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family fueled Ms. Phillips’ desire to help others. While she has faced many challenges along the way, the toughest was getting through her divorce. Ms. Phillips considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising her three children, and believes her greatest strength to be her love for her family. She supports the missions of the United Way, and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau. Ms. Phillips hopes to be remembered for being a good person. In her spare time, she enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband.

Contact Nancy Phillips

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