Donna McMillion

Title: Administrative Assistant
Company: Judson High School
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

Interested in a position of public service that would provide her with the flexibility to raise her children, Donna McMillion decided to go into the school sector. As an administrative assistant at Judson High School, she utilizes her strong commitment to putting the students first to ensure that they reach their goals in life and become successful in the real world. Ms. McMillion feels that her greatest accomplishment has been touching the lives of so many people and having the opportunity to be part of their success stories.

The biggest challenge Ms. McMillion had to face was the fact that, regardless of her efforts, she was often overlooked for promotions in favor of men with fewer qualifications. She used her positive nature to power through, however, and she loves her job. Looking forward, Ms. McMillion intends to continue working for as long as she can, and when she eventually retires, she will start a new journey, enjoy life to the fullest, and spend more time with her family and grandchildren. Ms. McMillion hopes to be remembered as someone who always treated her students with respect and kindness, and always tried to help everyone any way she could.

Contact Donna McMillion

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