Jodie Sacco

Sacco, JodieTitle: Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Company: Dream Racing
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States

Toting 18 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry, Jodie Sacco is the perfect fit for Dream Racing. The company offers people the opportunity to drive real race cars on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. As the vice president of sales and marketing, Ms. Sacco supervises and coordinates the sales team, sets up meetings, defines marketing strategies, ensures that the company is meeting its sales targets, and coordinates site visits and trade show events. Her expertise in client relations and generating new leads, as well as her good upbringing, has contributed to her success.

Before Ms. Sacco joined Dream Racing, she spent 10 years in the travel industry in South Africa. She fell in love with travel when, as a high school graduate, she went abroad as a rotary exchange student and majored in politics and linguistics. Ms. Sacco ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. That experience nurtured her passion for languages and cultures. While Ms. Sacco was in the industry, she led a team, and then moved up to the corporate sales side of things. She visited big contracts and pitched for the business, which helped her gain the experience she uses in her position today. Ms. Sacco intends to stay with Dream Racing for the foreseeable future; she wants to watch it grow and succeed.

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