Regina O. Ozoemela

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner
Company: Unlimited Delight, LLC.
Location: Marlborough, MA United States

Marlborough, MA, March 21, 2016, Regina O. Ozoemela, Chief Executive Officer, Owner of Unlimited Delight, LLC., has been recognized as a Top Female Executive for dedication, achievement and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Ozoebela chose her career path after 26 years in Corporate America, after seeing how difficult it was to move forward in her life and career. She realized that due to her life experiences, knowledge through education, training, and volunteer work in variety of organizations that she has a lot to offer the world. She also knew that there were women all over the planet who were (and still are) feeling the same pain that she felt, who wanted to break free and start a new life that would allow them to reach their true potential and achieve their dreams. This life would be one where they fulfill their dreams of being their own boss or working for a company that offered them a complete sense of satisfaction.

The biggest challenge that Ms. Ozoebela has overcome is the fear of giving up the security of a steady paycheck. The beginning of any business is difficult, but she offers the following advice: “life’s choices aren’t all easy, but they are all yours. The most difficult choices don’t have any absolute right or wrong; There is no perfect solution. It takes great courage to face these hard decisions. I moved forward after I discovered the formula for overcoming fear.”

In starting her own business, Ms. Ozoebela feels that she has realized her best life. It wasn’t easy to manifest, and there are still struggles along the way. Even with that in mind however, she advises others to follow their dreams and take the plunge.

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