Betty A. Chaney

Title: Elementary Principal (Retired)
Location: Saginaw, MI United States

Betty A. Chaney, a retired elementary principal, has been recognized as a Top Female Executive for dedication, achievement and leadership in education.

A dedicated educator, Ms. Chaney chose this career as it was a calling for her. She wanted to become a lawyer, but knew that she could and would make great differences in the lives of students and so education was a very natural progression for her.  She was a Sunday school teacher for 30 years. She has served as an adjunct faculty member and also wrote primary lessons for Sunday school. In her free time, she volunteers with Young Champions, a youth group, as a volunteer tutor on Saturdays. She also supports the Red Cross and writes for the Sunday School Publishing Board.

Ms. Chaney prepared for her role by earning a master’s degree in education and English, a bachelor’s degree and a certification as an administrator for K-12 students. She considers her greatest strength to be her compassion and ability to care for others as she would like to be cared for. When asked about her greatest accomplishment, Ms. Chaney replied, “My greatest accomplishment to date is when I taught students and they have come back to me in professional positions who are actively involved in the community and are giving back.”

Now that she has brought her career to a close, Ms. Chaney’s professional goals are to earn her doctorate in religious education and write spiritually. She feels that her greatest inspiration comes from the Lord. As she puts it, “I believe in him, and he believes in me.”

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