Shelley Joy

Joy, Shelley 872122Title: Artist
Company: Self-Employed
Location: New York, NY United States

Dedicated and passionate, Shelley Joy has experienced a lot of success in the art world. On a daily basis, she creates paintings and works of contemporary art to either sell to buyers or exhibit in galleries located primarily in New York City. Ms. Joy is multitalented, however, and, in addition to her career as a painter, she is also a performer, poet, and musician. In those mediums, she specializes in theatrical art, and has written songs as well as poetry.

One of the things that sets Ms. Joy apart from others is her ability to create opportunities and take initiative. When she sees places in which her art could be viewed, she doesn’t accept no as an answer. Ms. Joy prides herself on her knack for getting other people excited about new ventures and happenings involving creative arts. She also collaborates with other artists, musicians, actors and photographers to craft exhibitions and events.

Ms. Joy feels that the many great moments in her career cannot be pinpointed to a single event, but does find creating works of art that everyone can enjoy extremely gratifying. In the future, she hopes to see her artwork exhibited in more museums. To prepare for her illustrious career, Ms. Joy completed coursework in a variety of schools, including the Aegina Arts Center in Greece, the New England School of Photography, the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, and The American Sign Language & English Secondary School. She is affiliated with the Screen Actors Guild, the Actors’ Equity Association, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Art Students League, and Broadcast Music, Inc.

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