Rachel Bautista

0d621d6Title: Director of Technical Specialists

Company: AmWINS Group Benefits, Inc.

Location: East Greenwich, RI

Rachel Bautista began her career after college, when she took a temp position in a call center. They offered her a permanent position, and since then, she has had the opportunity to step into a leadership role and develop employees.  Ms. Bautista now works as the director of technical specialists for AmWINS Group Benefits, Inc., which is a wholesale broker and group insurance administrator.

Although balancing a career with being a single mother is tough, Ms. Bautista is inspired by her passion for making improvements in the lives of other people. One of her greatest accomplishments is all that she has done for her unit. She put workflow processes in place, and implemented service level agreements to build new cases. Looking forward, Ms. Bautista aims to have teams in other locations, and to eventually move beyond the technical specialist role to take on a business analyst position.

When Ms. Bautista isn’t working, she is volunteering at the French Town Baptist Church and singing in the choir.  She also enjoys reading about American historical figures and spending time with her athletic, 13-year-old son.

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