Marilyn Sander

Marilyn SanderTitle: President

Company: Proaction Careers

Location: Houston

An expert in professional staffing and recruitment, Marilyn Sander has 18 years of experience as the president of Proaction Careers. The company primarily focuses on sales, management, IT, engineering and medical recruitment and staffing, and provides a variety of related services, including assistance in creating job descriptions for the optimization of appropriately selected candidates and strategic marketing for business development relationship opportunities.

Some of the biggest obstacles Ms. Sander had to overcome included changes in the traditional methodology of professional recruitment services due to the rise of the computer age. She prevailed, however, and credits her mentors for her success. Looking forward, Ms. Sander aims to continue bettering the lives of her clients through Proaction Careers. In recognition of her achievements, ABWA named her one of the National Top Ten Businesswomen of the Year, and her local ABWA chapter honored her with the Business Associate Award. Additionally, Federation of Houston Professional Women included Ms. Sander as one of their Women of Excellence. She is currently affiliated with the Houston chapter of the Women’s Energy Network and the Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce.

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