Stefania Dzurillova

Dzurillova, Stefania 2032405Title: National Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand

Company: Avon Cosmetics

Location: Manly, New South Wales, Australia

A former educator, Stefania Dzurillova now lends her people and leadership skills to Avon Cosmetics as a director of national sales for both Australia and New Zealand. In her current role, she is tasked with overseeing a sales team of 120, and meeting challenging sales targets. Further, she develops strategic business plans and creative initiatives, and implements marketing plans, all the while ensuring that she report to the general manager charged with the oversight of her territories.

Ms. Dzurillova has worked as the director of national sales for Australia and New Zealand since October 2014. She has been involved with Avon for much longer, however, having worked as the senior manager of leadership global sales organization, and national senior sales manager and director for the Czech Republic and Solvakia. Additionally, Ms. Dzurillova was professionally affiliated with Cristian Lay and Vorwerk & Co. KG.

Ms. Dzurillova has a sound educational background, which includes a Doctor of Natural Sciences in Mathematics and Physics from Univerzita ‘Pavla Jozefa Šafárika’ v Košiciach, earned in 1990. She credits her success to working with a capable team that is able to deliver quality results with each endeavor. Also, she stresses the importance of being able to balance people and numbers, for the integrity of both is pivotal for a business to achieve. Ms. Dzurillova feels that keeping an open mind is invaluable in the professional arena, and encourages people to relinquish their fear of mistakes. “It’s better to do something than to not try at all,” she says.

Charitably-minded, Ms. Dzurillova is involved with Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade and Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. She enjoys traveling, reading and listening to motivational speakers in her free time.

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