Shirley Anderson


Title: Weechiwaywin Coordinator

Company: Shibogama First Nation Tribal Council

Location: Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Currently weechiwaywin coordinator for Shibogama First Nation Tribal Council, Shirley Anderson prepared for her professional endeavors through various mentorship and training courses. She started out in her career by working as a counselor in a child welfare agency, and every role she has undertaken since has been designed to help others and reach out. Ms. Anderson’s greatest occupational strengths include being a visionary and having the ability to see the big picture in such circumstances where one problem is the root of many.  

Located in Ontario, Shibogama is a regional tribal council and a member of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation. It provides its communities with health, technical and educational services. As a coordinator for this council, Ms. Anderson wants to be remembered most for who she is and how she helps people. Passionate about helping others and pursuing her goals, she feels the biggest challenge she has overcome has been starting an English language school while she only knew the First Nation language.

Ms. Anderson feels the most inspired by the people who appreciate what she does. She hopes in the future to study law so that she can understand the reason behind legislative changes that occur. Enthusiastic about her undertakings, Ms. Anderson feels her greatest accomplishments to date have been learning to appreciate who she is and loving life. In her spare time, she enjoys sawing, crafts and refurbishing antiques.


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