Marcia Wable

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALhAAAAJGRmYWNjMjliLThlMWEtNDc3YS1iMWViLTllZDNjMDhiZmI2NATitle: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President

Company: Wable Insurance Services Corp.

Location: Fresno, Calif.

Ever since she took an insurance class in high school, Marcia Wable has been interested in insurance as a career. She is currently chief executive officer, chief financial officer and president of Wable Insurance Services Corp., where she utilizes her strong work ethic and professional determination to provide her local area with top-quality insurance services. Having always loved her career area, Ms. Wable has now worked in insurance for 40 years in an occupational capacity. Committed to advancement and taking care of others, she plans on opening up another office in Texas in the future.

Inspired by her grandmother, who opened up a perfume business in the 1950s, Ms. Wable has effectively succeeded in what may be considered a male-dominated industry. She is also inspired by her husband, three daughters and nine grandchildren, to whom she wishes to give a legacy. In her work, she hopes to be remembered as a wonderful mother and grandmother and as someone who always took care of her agents (of whom she now has 100). Due to her compassionate nature, Ms. Wable is proud to care for others and sell insurance with the needs of her clients in mind, offering them the best possible price.

Before starting her corporation, Ms. Wable worked as an underwriter for various companies, including Zurich Insurance Company Ltd., Colemont Insurance Brokers and Burns & Wilcox. Through this professional background, she gained experience in such areas as brokering, underwriting and marketing for a commercial business, and honed her skills in insurance, reinsurance, customer service and other areas. Ms. Wable also owned her own insurance rating service for seven years and has been a certified insurance service representative since 2004.

Ms. Wable’s excellence in her industry has been acknowledged multiple times; she has received the Bank of America Achievement Award for Business and been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women for dedication within the industry. She was also the NAPW Woman of the Year from 2013-2014, and a Who’s Who Executive of the Year for the insurance industry in 2013. When she isn’t working, Ms. Wable enjoys professional bowling, embroidery, needlework and spending time with her grandchildren. She also supports the missions of the Clovis Christian Church.

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