Lisa Hughes

UntitledTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Victory Lighting Services

Location: Dallas, Texas

Celebrating 20 years as president and chief executive officer of Victory Lighting Services, Lisa Hughes has found her greatest strengths as a leading profession are having a good moral code, integrity and a good reputation that she maintains. Her greatest accomplishment has been maintaining her 20-year relationship with JP Morgan Chase and having lifetime relationships with her clients and staff. The contractor business, as well as the banking business, is largely male-dominated, which she comments that “it is challenging to prove myself and talents as an electrician, but by building a good reputation around my name and expanding my expertise won all of my customers over.” Ms. Hughes’ future plans are to open an office in Austin and a branch in Oklahoma; she wants to grow her company to twice its size and work with Wells Fargo Bank.

Ms. Hughes once worked as an assistant to the president of an insurance company many years ago. She also ran her own potpourri business. She is entrepreneurial by nature. Her husband worked as a salesman for a lighting distributor. Her husband worked for a few different companies and they decided to start a service company in the lighting industry. With the blessing of his company, he was able to offer his wife’s services to his clients. She researched and started this company from scratch. As well, Ms. Hughes established relationships with Team Bank, which was later taken over by Chase.

Not only did Ms. Hughes begin a thriving business which has been in business for 20 years, she took over Dallas Lightbulb Company from its original owner. Victory Lighting Services is the parent company. She also became a licensed electrician along the way, which has led her to success. She and her company are highly regarded in this industry. Ms. Hughes’ reputation for being honest and trustworthy are the key to her continued success.

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