Juliet Howland

0a528100aa21c1Title: Private Tutor

Company: DJH Mathematics and Economics and Physics Tutors

Location: Gatineau, QC

Currently as a private tutor at the university level, Juliet Howland provides her students to with in-depth education in linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and economics. Under the name DJH Mathematics and Economics and Physics Tutors, she encourages her students to not be afraid of hard work and that taking chances can lead to success. Ms. Howland retired from her full-time position already, but was asked by her friends to put her Master of Arts in economics and Ph.D. coursework education to good use.

Before she retired, Ms. Howland was an economist and statistician with the Canada Revenue Agency, and previously was an econometrician with Informetrica Ltd. She was also a teaching assistant while studying microeconomics at the University of Ottawa, and wanted to continue her passion for educating others, so starting at DJH Mathematics and Economics and Physics Tutors was a pleasure. There, she’d like to continue building her student-base, see them improve, and begin expanding her experience by tutoring students who are not at the university level. Ms. Howland believes her ability to analyze, be logical and patience, and communicate her ideas well has given her the leg up on most interactions she felt were trying in her professional endeavors.

Ms. Howland found inspiration through her mother, who was a mathematician that received her degree at Harvard University, and he father, who was a mathematics professor. She would like to be remembered by her peers as someone who was compassionate and strong, with a sense of honor and intelligence. Outside of tutoring, she found volunteer work at the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa Chamberfest. During her free-time, Ms. Howland enjoys reading, jazz and classical music.

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