Margo Scavone

1017a9eTitle: Director of Integrated Marketing

Company: Bodek & Rhodes

Location: Philadelphia, Penn.

Celebrating her first year at Bodek & Rhodes as director of integrated marketing, Margo Scavone draws from 10 years of marketing and advertising expertise. Having prepared for this career by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in advertising and design from the University of Maryland, Ms. Scavone began her professional endeavors at Temple University, and advanced from there. Her long-term goals are to own a business, expand upon the LLC already created for Method 808, and work with other entrepreneurs on additional projects.

Ms. Scavone’s greatest career accomplishment was advancing from art director to assistant vice president of marketing and branding at Temple University. She has learned to become resourceful within her current business model, is team oriented and always geared toward leading others, and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit. During her free-time, Ms. Scavone supports Habitat for Humanity, and enjoys keeping herself fit and healthy by actively running, cycling, and pursuing strength training.

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